The American people deserve better

The people of Washington need a representative that is fighting for them, regardless of who they voted for, or what party they belong to. A representative that will work with their fellow lawmakers instead of against them.

I am running for Congress to be your voice, your advocate for change in how America can realize the promise laid out in the founding of this nation of "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.


When elected in November, my priorities will be to bring a non-partisan voice to the House and and create real solutions to real problems for real people.

Such as focusing on a middle-out tax policy that keeps more money in the pockets of workers and encourages Americans to start small businesses, supporting scientists seeking solutions to address the impacts of climate change, and guaranteeing the civil rights of all Americans by ensuring the law applies equally to everyone.

Justin Greywolf

We may disagree on certain policies, but I will always listen to you, take your views into consideration, and ensure that I am following the will of the people and my personal ethics.