Election Integrity

Election integrity is more than just the security of our voting process. It covers everything from physical and digital security, consistent auditable processes, and most importantly ensuring that all authorized voters are provided with the access they need to vote.

To that end, we need to enact legislation that would provide a framework for each State and local district that contains a consistent set of requirements and expectations as it relates to the voting process across the nation to better ensure voter confidence in our democratic processes.  

The United States Election Commission has published multiple documents that provide such a framework in the form of suggestions, best practices, and other guides regarding the security of the election process including Chain of Custody, physical security, cybersecurity, etc. This framework should be expanded and required for all elections to provide for confidence in the integrity of our elections.

More details:

The public must have trust in the outcome of our elections.

An estimated 40% of Americans do not believe the 2020 elections were "free and fair", and only ~33% of GOP voters say that they trust U.S. elections. This lack of faith in the voting process in the country is disturbing, to say the least. 

In order to regain trust in our elections, we need to ensure the integrity of the system from all aspects. We also need to ensure that everyone who has the legal right to vote is provided every opportunity to do so.