Indigenous Rights

The rights of indigenous communities – including the right to vote – have been systematically violated for generations with devastating consequences for access to clean air and water, health, education, economic opportunities, housing, and sovereignty. Listed below are just a few of the areas that I will be concentrating my focus on in order to honor existing treaties regarding land use, and meet obligations for aid in regard to education, health, and social services.

  • Protect Native voting rights - pass the Native American Voting Rights Act of 2021
  • Ensure Indian Health Service is fully funded.
  • Enact legislation that would create the legal framework for individual members of tribal nations to access capital through secure property rights.
  • Increase support for legislation that would reduce rates of missing and murdered Indigenous women
  • Reauthorize the tribes’ primary source for housing funds, the Native American Housing and Self-Determination Act, to provide much-needed housing services for communities
  • Repatriate culturally and ecologically important lands back to the tribes