Justin Greywolf Announces Candidacy for WA08

The world is a scary place, and the country is becoming more and more polarized. People are quickly becoming lost in this world when their beliefs do not align with the election's winner. When 51% vote for a specific candidate – the other 49% should not be ignored.

I am running for Congress to be your voice, your advocate for change in how America can work together


My professional work with software engineering teams has given me the proven ability to bring together people with opposing views to work towards a single goal or vision. We may disagree at times, but I will always listen and work with you to better understand what is important to you and your loved ones - and how we can work together to realize the visions of those that founded this country. These are not empty words, platitudes that I throw out there to make myself look good, but a sincere declaration that all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

I believe that our children deserve to live in a world free from the constant threat of violence. I  consider helping those in need get back on their feet is a shared responsibility.

While I do not live within the district, I was born in Wenatchee and spent 3-4 months every year on my grandparents' orchard, and still have a deep connection to that place.   I feel this connection makes me eminently qualified to hear the concerns of the residents and champion them.  I hope you agree that I am the best person for the job of representing all of the constituents in this district