Press Release: Justin Greywolf on Ballot to represent Washington State’s 8th district

Renton, WA May 23rd, 2022. Justin Greywolf, candidate for Washington state’s 8th Congressional district is proud to announce that he has officially filed with Washington’s Secretary of State to be on the ballot for the August 2nd primary.


“I am here to help this country get back on track - this means ending cronyistic policies that benefit the rich while harming the middle class, supporting scientists seeking solutions to address the impacts of climate change, and to guarantee the civil rights of all Americans by ensuring the law applies equally to everyone, especially the government.” He said. “The people of Washington deserve a representative that is fighting for them, regardless of who they voted for. Not corporations, special interests, or their party. A representative that will work with their fellow lawmakers instead of against them.”


His proven skills in organizing people with different backgrounds, disparate views, and potentially conflicting ideologies to work together will be valuable in a divisive environment. He believes we need to generate bipartisan support for solutions that provide benefit to all Americans. It is only by working together that Congress will be able to be successful.


Having lived on both sides of the state he has a unique viewpoint on the different needs of these communities, which will allow him to better represent all of the people in the 8th district.


“I believe that our children deserve to live in a world free from the constant threat of coercion and violence.” He said. “I also believe that we as a nation have a shared responsibility to voluntarily help those who cannot help themselves.” He continued, referring to the need for effective support for non-profits and programs that provide real solutions to address homelessness, provide comprehensive mental health and addiction support as well as ensure that no one is left hungry due to situations beyond their control.”


“I am running for Congress to be your voice, your advocate for change in how America can realize the values laid out in the founding of this nation of "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”